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Wednesday's Work #24 - Skyrim Journal 8

Just a reminder - my blog has moved!  You can find the continuing adventures of Cato over here.

We're Moving!

I've transferred my blog over to Blogger, since it has some better blogging tools for my site and I'm planning on messing with them.  All of my posts and comments and everything have been preserved, so go check me out there!

Wednesday's Work #23 - Skyrim Journal 7

Skyrim's People and Skyrim's Peril
by Marcus Andronicus Cato

It is presently Loredas - the 22nd day of Last Seed.  Reviewing my notes, I see it has only been five days since my arrival in this province... and yet it seems far longer.  Common lore says that "time is relative," and a more pleasant experience seems to pass far more quickly than an unpleasant one.  Perhaps that explains why it feels to me as if I have already been here for weeks... but I get ahead of myself.  First things first: we didn't extinguish the Draugr threat in our time in Bleak Falls Barrow.  It is as I feared - the dragon-worshipers are waking alongside their masters, and something very dark indeed is afoot in Skyrim.

This warning, too, is perhaps confusingly premature.Collapse )
Sorry for the delay in posting!  This last week in Florida was simply incredible - and, understandably, time thus got away from me.  I spent several days hitting the theme parks, meeting nice new people, and generally having an excellent time.  If you get the chance to do so when in the Orlando area, I heartily recommend taking in one of the dinner theater experiences - we went to Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, and it was indeed more than worth the price of admission.  Getting to play detective is quite enjoyable!

Large crowds generally put me on edge, however, and so by the end of my trip - like most vacationers at the end of their journeys - I was somewhat stressed.  Seas of humanity simply have that effect, as do multiple days spent in very continual activity.  Though I in no way would say that it was not a truly worthwhile trip, and one I would take again in a heartbeat, by the end of it I needed a bit of an unwinding moment.  If you are by any chance ever in similar need, I thus recommend MoodTurn.  This gentle meditative site provides a nice boost to the batteries with calming images and lengthy, restorative ambient sounds.  After only thirty minutes spent listening to their rainforest ambiance, I was ready to get to my unpacking.  It's also a great background piece to have on while working!

Wednesday's Work #22 - Skyrim Journal 6

Riverwood and Recovery
by Marcus Andronicus Cato

I suppose I picked the most appropriate of all possible times to attempt a rest, for one was all but forced upon me by my own poor health this day.  No old man should have to spend hours fighting for his life in a dank, ancient hole filled with rotting corpses - and if he does, he should feel thankful if illness is the only consequence.  That's what I keep telling myself, anyways, as it's made this day of pain a tiny shred more tolerable.  I can only hope my ailments abate by tomorrow... for I truly wish to spend some unmolested time with the people of this lovely little town.

At the very least, today's unpleasantness was forced upon me.Collapse )

Monday's Monologue #22 - SLEEPY.

Welp, I'm in Florida for the week.  I'd have more to post, but this entire day was spent in a combination of airports and planes and cars.  I'm beat.  Regardless, I'll have the Wednesday's Work up at the appropriate time.  In the meantime, however... sleep...
Since my work in this last week has been centered around both my play experiences in an open-world RPG and the publication of my own RPG setting, it makes sense for me to focus this Friday's Find on RPGs and gaming as well.  Thus I hereby invite you, dear readers, to check out Role-Playing Public Radio!  This podcast series, introduced to me recently, is an excellent listen for role-players of every level of experience.  From tips on being a better player and/or GM to introductions of smaller-press RPGs, it is an entertaining and informative show that has plenty to offer for the interested.  Check them out!

Wednesday's Work #21 - Skyrim Journal 5

The Horrors
by Marcus Andronicus Cato

Oh, what a fool I've been... to believe that facing down a handful of dry skeletal monsters in a moment of unthinking surprise could have prepared me for the horrors of this day.  Yes, we have survived - but not unscathed.  Not in the least.

The plan had been simple.Collapse )
I don't know how many of you remember this, but way back in June I made two posts regarding a setting me and my friend Chris had written that was in process of publication.  That process has finally been finished!  Our book Steamfunk, a stand-alone campaign setting written for the Untold CBRPG yet designed to easily port into many other systems, is now available for purchase from DriveThruRPG, Paizo Publishing, and Indie Press Revolution!  There are no words to describe how happy I am at this development - and in even more wonderful news, we've earned a spot on DriveThruRPG's Top 100 Small Press publications ranking!

This is so unbelievably awesome.  If you'd like to check out what we've produced, be my guest!  There is both a full-color and black-and-white preview up on the Untold Steamfunk forum pages, each covering different portions of the book's content, as well as two ready-made characters to use within Daedalus.  Of course, my favorite thing out of all of the promo materials for our book thus far would have to be this: